Library Media Center


Mrs. Beth Rozeboom, Media Specialist

Phone: (478)953-0450


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The Media Center is open from 8:00AM to 3:00PM on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday, and 12:00PM to 3:00PM on Thursday. To reserve the tables, a signup calendar can be found at Media Center Calendar. I do not charge students overdue fines; however, if a book is lost or damaged, it must be paid for. 

We are fortunate to have Accelerated Reader back. Please read over these guidelines:  Every student has a nine-week goal. This goal is determined by their reading range and how many minutes they are given to read at school each day. We do expect students to also read 15 or more minutes at home each day. That will expedite them reaching their goal.

The number of points will not be difficult to make, but the most important thing is the percentage correct. The goal is 80% correct overall. To achieve 80% students probably do not need to try to test every single day. Instead, they will need to read slowly with good comprehension. You can keep up with your child’s progress toward their goal by logging in to Renaissance Home Connect. Once you log in, you can select to have emails sent each time your child takes a test.

At the end of each nine weeks, students who made their goal while maintaining 80% correct will attend either a snow cone or popcorn party. In the commons area, we have an AR Star's Wall of Fame. When a student makes their nine week goal the first time, a blue star with their name on it will be placed on the wall. The star will change to bronze when they make it a second time, a silver star the third time, and a gold star will be added the fourth time they make their goal. At the end of the year on Awards Day students can receive a bronze, silver or gold medal in correlation with their stars, if they make their goal while maintaining 80% correct.

Our desire is for students to read with good comprehension. Reading is not a race. Books are meant to be savored and enjoyed. When students slow down and read, the percent correct will improve. 

Let's have a great year, and remember to READ!